FEBRUARY 10, 2003

The Honorable Council of the City of Evansville met on regular session at 6:30 pm on Monday, February 10, 2003 in the City Council Chambers, Room 301 Civic Center Complex, Evansville, Indiana with President John presiding.  The following business was conducted.

These minutes are not intended to be a verbatim transcript.  Audiotapes of this meeting are on file in the City Clerk’s Office.


Present:            Kniese, Bagbey, Melcher, Koehler Walden, Watts, Angermeier Kiefer,  John.

Absent:             Robinson.

There being eight (8) members present and one (1) member absent and eight (8) members representing a quorum, the President declared this session of the Common Council officially opened.

Councilwoman Robinson has now entered chambers.


Teen Advisory Council Members led the pledge of allegiance this evening.


John Hamilton is Council Attorney this evening.


Member:  Caleb Level                    Member:  Lindsey Wagner

Member:  Christine Leraris            Member:  Katie Funke

Member:  Jonna Schmitt                Member:  Kathryn Gnagey

Member:  Alana Hahn                   Member:  Allie Merkley

President John: Are there any students in the audience that would like to be recognized this evening.  I’d like to welcome our Teen Advisory Committee.  Each Council Member for those in the audience who are not aware of this, the Youth Resources supplies us with a shadow that sits up and observes the action of Council.  And this is our second year and hopefully they learn something and I know that we do.  So I’d like to welcome them this evening. 


Is there a motion to approve the minutes of the January 27, 2003 meetings of the Common Council as written?

Councilman Bagbey moved and Councilman Melcher seconded the motion that the minutes of the regular meeting of the Common Council held January 27, 2003 be approved as written.  Voice vote.  So ordered.



*Agenda for the February 10, 2003 City Council Meeting.

*Committee Meeting Schedule.

*Minutes of City Council Meeting held January 27, 2003.

*Ordinances F-2003-1 and F-2003-2.

*Schedule of meetings in the Administration Building.

*Eastview Neighborhood Association Newsletter.

*Memo from the Department of Metropolitan Development concerning the Evansville     

  Housing Trust Fund.

*News release announcing that the City of Evansville received the Certificate of Achievement               

  For Excellence in Financial Reporting.

*Casino Aztar Community Impact Report.

*Memo from the Department of Metropolitan Development concerning CDBG/Home Timeline.

*Letter from the Greater Oak Hill Neighborhood Improvement Association.

*Letter from Stewart Sebree, Preservation Services Coordinator.


*Evansville Redevelopment Commission 2001 Annual Report.

*A memo from Peggy Braun – Notice of Public Hearing for the Redevelopment


*A letter to City Council from Mayor Russell G. Lloyd, Jr. regarding the Evansville

  Historic Preservation Commission.

*A Press Release from the Evansville Convention and Visitors’ Bureau regarding

  Funding for the Downtown Stadium.

*A letter from Susan Kirk regarding CDBG Timeline Dates.

*A copy of a letter from Area Plan Commission letter to Paul K. Neville, II.

*Agenda for the February 20, 2003 meeting of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

*A letter to the City Council from Bill Gaisser.

*A Newsletter regarding Public and Street Tree Inventory.

*A News Release regarding Diversity Training.

*A copy of the agenda for the Committee to Review the Feasibility of City and County

  Consolidation meeting on February 12, 2003.

*Notice of a Press Conference of the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau

  Regarding Victoria National as the site of the Women’s Senior Golf Tour in September.

 *Information from Evansville Regional Business Committee, Inc. provided by

   Councilwoman Robinson.

*A letter from Tim Dodd.

*The Tepe Park Neighborhood Association February news card.

*2002 Proposed Historic Preservation Guidelines.

Councilman Melcher moved and Councilman Angermeier seconded the motion to receive, file and make these reports and communication a part of the minutes of the meeting?  Voice vote.  So Ordered.



ORDINANCE F-2003-1            FINANCE (ROBINSON)                                                        KNIESE


ORDINANCE F-2003-2            FINANCE (ROBINSON)                                                        KNIESE


Councilman Melcher moved and Councilman Kniese seconded the motion to adopt the Consent Agenda as written.  Voice vote.  So ordered.



ORDINANCE G-2003-7___PUBLIC WORKS                                                 BAGBEY



PUBLIC WORKS CHAIRMAN BAGBEY: Mr. President your Public Works Committee held a hearing this evening a little over an hour in regards to G-2003-7 which was amended twice with a do-pass recommendation.

Councilman Kiefer: Mr. President I’d like to make a motion to amend the amendment that we include…..

President John: This would be an improper time I believe…

Councilman Kiefer: Okay, I thought at the second reading is when we’d do that.

Councilman Melcher: Normally on regular second, this is Consent Agenda.

Councilman Kiefer: I’m sorry, thank you.

President John: Would you care to make a motion now?

Councilman Kiefer: Yeah, I’d like to make a motion that we include in the amendment that one member should be from the Lincolnshire Neighborhood Association.

President John: Should we incorporate that by verbiage or will you include that as amended in the event that it passes?

John Hamilton: In the event it passes I’ll provide the language.  What you want is of the seven members you want at least one…

Councilman Kiefer: Yes, correct.

John Hamilton: That’s a resident of…

Councilman Kiefer: Yes, the Lincolnshire Neighborhood Association.  Thank you.

President John: Questions by Members of Council?

Councilman Melcher: I’ll second it.

President John: Could we have a motion by Councilman Kiefer to amend the amendment of the amendment.  (Laughter) To include that one of the members shall be from the Lincolnshire Neighborhood Association.  Questions by Members of Council?  If not all those in favor signify by saying aye.  Opposed? 

Councilman Melcher moved and Councilman Angermeier seconded the motion to adopt

The Committee Report and move this Ordinance to Third Reading.  Voice vote.  So ordered.

There being no further motions this Ordinance is hereby moved to Third Reading.



ORDINANCE G-2003-7__            (as amended)_PUBLIC WORKS                                             BAGBEY


Is there a motion to adopt Ordinance G-2003-7, as amended, and call the roll?

Councilwoman Robinson moved and Councilwoman Walden seconded the motion to adopt

Ordinance G-2003-7, as amended, and call the roll.


Ayes:                Kniese, Bagbey, Melcher, Robinson, Koehler Walden, Watts, Angermeier, Kiefer: I’d just like to make a comment.  I think that was a good compromise I know a lot of people didn’t want to drop it down to five (5), I didn’t either, I was glad to see it compromised to seven (7) and for us to move forward with this.  I vote aye.


There being nine (9) ayes and zero (0) nays, Ordinance G-2003-7 as amended is hereby declared ADOPTED.



ORDINANCE R-2002-29               FROM APC                                               R-2 TO R-4 W/U&D



OWNER:                     ANDREW RICE

REP:                            LESLIE C. SHIVELY


President John: Is Mr. Shively…Mr. Shively, please come forward.  Good evening.

Les Shively: Good evening.

President John: It’s my understanding from some preliminary discussions with Councilman Bagbey that you may be requesting or would like to speak with the neighbors.  And bring this back on the, what the 24th?

Les Shively: Twenty-fourth would be two weeks.  You don’t have a meeting on the 17th, is that correct?

President John: That’s correct.

Les Shively: We’d like to do is…. and I’ve received some input in talking to several folks who…very selected officials.  We’d like to have one more opportunity to talk with the folks that are in the area and get some more input from them.  We haven’t heard for some time and we’d like to give it one more shot before there is a final vote.  And for that reason we’d like to see this matter be continued to the 24th agenda, and by the way that still gives adequate time for the vote of the Council to count.

President John: That’s the point I was going to make.  Time is of the essence. 

Les Shively: The 83rd day.  Mr. Hamilton and I did the math.

President John: Correct.  So it will be heard that day and there will be a vote one way or the other. 

Les Shively: Yes, and that will be at 6:30….so we get…try to get my times right from the starting time.  Correct?

President John: We hope!  Okay.  Is there….there are some representatives from the neighborhood here.  I know Mr. Jewel is here and Mr. Fehn.  Would you come forward.  You’ve heard the request, do you have…is there any major problem with that and……  Are you Ms. Suggs?

Councilman Melcher: Yeah, she wants to be on there.

President John: Okay. And would you be willing to meet with them to see if there is some area of compromise?  And there may not be, but at least lets give a good faith effort to see whether or not there’s any room, and if not on the 24th we’ll take a vote on this matter.  And Mr. Shively I would highly recommend that you get with all three of those after the meeting and come up with a time and place…

Les Shively: Yes sir.

President John: Where you can meet and discuss this.

Les Shively: I’ll be right outside and meet them and we’ll set up a time at their convenience. 

President John: Well, with that then this hearing will be set off until 6:30 on the 24th. 

Les Shively: Thank you Mr. President.

President John: And hopefully we can come to some compromise.  Miscellaneous Business.  Wait a minute.  Council recommends that we do that by motion so I need a motion that this be continued until the 24th.

Councilman Bagbey moved and Councilwoman Walden voted to hold this Ordinance until February 24.  Voice vote.  So ordered.  This matter will be heard on the 24th.


Councilman Bagbey: Mr. President. 

President John: Councilman.

Councilman Bagbey: I’m in the process of passing out a Resolution….Resolution 2003-5.  A Resolution in support of assistance to students of Evansville Vanderburgh County School Corporation.  It reads as follows: Whereas Members of the City Council are concerned that the children in Evansville Vanderburgh County School Corporation will be adversely affected due to recent budget cuts.  And, whereas the Members of the City Council wish to provide assistance to directly benefit the students and student programs and activities of EVSC.  And, whereas Members of City Council believe that the City of our community should have the highest priority.  And, whereas the Members of the City Council request that the Mayor delay the Baseball Stadium Project for one year, and to use River Boat Funds, or Evansville Capital Development Fund to provide a grant to EVSC.  And, whereas the amount of said grant should not exceed $1,000,000 with the amount to be determined and recommended by the Mayor and City Fiscal Officer.  Now therefore be it resolved by the Common Council, the City of Evansville, Indiana that it supports the City of Evansville making a one time grant to EVSC in the amount not to exceed $1,000,000 to be used for the funding of extra curricular activities which directly benefit the students in the EVSC.  I have some comments Mr. President.  This is a Resolution about Evansville’s future.  Many in our City have asked me and I’m sure others on this Council what can we do to assist, what can the City do actually to assist EVSC?  The Mayor has begun with his legal department research to see whether or not the City can provide funding to EVSC.  I bring this Resolution to you without discussion with our Mayor.  This is a great opportunity for the Council to send a message that we, the Council, do believe that our children are a great part of our community.  It is the right thing to do.  Linda, my wife and I, our two sons,

did not go to public school.  My wife is a twenty-nine year public school teacher in another Corporation.  A community like ours is noted for it’s educational system because we have a strong public and private educational corporations.  The Community as of today has not embraced this baseball project.  Let us take a year to work out the financial details, property purchases, and other issues that may be on the table.  We must show those good folks that we represent that we have a priority and that is our children and our educational system.  Evansville Vanderburgh County School Corporations problem is all of our problems.  Previous boards and administrations may have been loose with their dollars, but there is a new and compassionate board along with new leadership in Dr. McCandless.  Please join me and show Evansville that

we care about our future that we care about our kids and not just applying lip service.  Thank you.

President John: Thank you.  Any comments from other Members of Council?  Councilman Watts.

Councilman Watts: Councilman Bagbey I have two things that I wanted to address tonight and you’ve managed to address both in your Resolution.  One came about February 7th, an article in the Courier.  It says: State tax collections January came in 82.5 million below target.  Speaker of the House says: “It’s getting tougher as times go by instead of better”.  I think that we as our responsibility as a Council to look at the things that we are funding and the things that we are looking to fund in the future.  82.5 million was below the amended projections in December.  We have a responsibility to separate our wants from our needs.  And we have to maintain the facilities that we have instead of adding two facilities now.  The second thing I wanted to talk about was the School Corporation.  The EVSC without assistance, this is also from February 7th the Courier.  Without assistance the EVSC and School Board has to cut 11 million dollars over two years from school programs, extra curricular activities, and personnel.  I would hate to see this become a political pawn that becomes the Baseball Stadium verses the EVSC.  I agree with Councilman Bagbey this is an issue of this Council and this City’s commitment to its youth and it’s educational system.  I would say this is probably one of the more admirable things that I’ve had a chance to be involved with my tenure here in Council.  I would be honored to support it and just like to thank Councilman Bagbey for his work on this.

President John: Councilwoman Walden:

Councilwoman Walden: Thank you.  Wow, talk about being caught off guard.  Just a little history for those of you that may not be aware of my background.  I have a really long tenure here in Evansville as an educator.  I come from a long line of educators.  My grandfather was Principal at Stringtown Elementary for oh, twenty-five years.  My mother and father were both teachers in the Corporation.  I’ve had several aunts and uncles that have taught in the Corporation and I myself taught for seven years in EVSC.   I like to tell people I retired in 1996 with the birth of my first child.  So, I have seen the many sides of education.  I know what it’s like to grow up in education.  I know what’s its like to be a teacher.  I know what it’s like to be a parent, to be a PTA member now.  And I’m one of those ones that may have to pay 60 bucks every week to send my child to all day kindergarten.  I think that this is very well intended and I do appreciate Councilman Bagbey bringing up this Ordinance.  I do have a couple of problems with it and that’s why I wanted to give you that background.  Not because I don’t support education, not because I don’t support the EVSC because I do.  Still have my friends that are teachers and as I said I’m a parent of children in Evansville and we all know that that is our future.  As a matter of fact I am in favor I’ll go on record as being in favor of the referendum, we need to pass that referendum, for our future, for our children.  I do not support all of the wording in this Resolution.  I don’t want to see this become a political issue.  The Mayor has already committed and stated to the fact that he will work with Dr. McCandless and the School Corporation he already has our attorney’s working on this very situation.  So therefore I do not feel that this Resolution is necessary.  I feel that tying it into certain projects and requiring that, that we are setting a priority and one that I’m not willing to set.  I don’t think that we need to set the priority and the precedence of trying to step into the administrative branch of government and I’m afraid that’s what we may be doing with the passage of all the things in this Resolution. 

Again, I do support the EVSC and I do support the Mayor’s efforts to find funding to help them on a one-time basis, but I will not be able to support the Resolution with the current wording.

President John: Councilman Kiefer.

Councilman Kiefer: Thank you Council President.  I would like to state as well that I think this is admirable of Councilman Bagbey.  I know he is highly involved with the schools and students and been a good roll model for many students and been a good roll model for many students in athletic programs and is well thought of in the community.  And I think this is well intentioned as well, but the concern I have is that I believe the County bears some responsibility.  I’d probably like to see a Resolution, and I thought I saw Commissioner Fenello in the audience.  But I, you know, I think the County since the School Corporation is Countywide, I think the County should help bear some of the brunt on this.  I know I stated a couple times about the TIF district out there at Burkhardt Road and there’s, you know, there’s five or six million extra money there because of the growth and I think there’s an opportunity for the County to step up to the plate and do something for the School Corporation.  On the Baseball Stadium project I don’t want to say I’m in favor or against the stadium project.  What I’d like to do before I make that kind of pronouncement is see the funding formula when it’s complete.  I know I got a call or message on my machine yesterday from some people asked for me to meet with David Heller he had some ideas on some funding and whatnot.  So, I don’t necessarily want to kill that project if there’s appropriate funding available and I think that’s been the argument from the constituency as that they don’t, the tax payers, don’t want to pay for that, and I understand that concern.  So if the Resolution was changed some where maybe it didn’t include the Baseball Stadium project and it also included that we encourage the County because I think they have some responsibility.  The School Corporation is County wide then I would be willing to support a resolution.  And even if it came down to an Ordinance of us spending money I’d be in support of that.  But I think the County needs to be involved as well. Thank you.

President John: Is that your indirect pitch for Consolidation? 

Councilman Kiefer: Yes it is! Yes thank you.

President John: Councilman Kniese.

Councilman Kniese: Thank you.  For a Resolution like this to be laid on my desk at the eleventh hour asking up to a million dollars in funding for any project no matter how worthwhile I can’t simply vote on it by having two minutes to look at this Resolution.  This is a million dollars, up to a million dollars we are talking about here.  Irregardless of what it’s for I just need more time to digest this.  I think it’s smart to take a look at what we are saying here.  You don’t rush to judgement.  You know I have worked with the School Corporations for a lot of… many, many years myself, I support it wholeheartedly, but I just….I think I echo a lot of the comments that Councilwoman Koehler Walden has already said so I don’t want to repeat those but at the same time it’s just difficult for me again having this laid on my desk a few minutes ago to take a look at to vote on something with this magnitude of dollars that could be spent.  So I would not be able to support this as it’s written because I haven’t had enough time to really digest it to be honest with you.  Thank you.

President John: Councilwoman.

Councilwoman Robinson: Yes Mr. President.  I like to applaud Councilman Bagbey for this initiative tonight and it’s just a recommendation, but I think my Republican Council people know how we feel when we pick up the paper and see the Mayor has promised $300,000 to Whirlpool and 1.7 million to the Evansville Housing Authority.  (APPLAUSE) 

President John: And I think a careful reading of this, first of all it’s not an Ordinance so it’s a recommendation and it’s an amount not to exceed 1 million so it would say look at the funds that are available and whatever we can afford.  We don’t want to give more than a million but if we could afford something lets try to help the School Corporation in their activities.  At least that’s the way I read it and I just got it on my desk this evening too. 

Councilman Kniese: I’m just saying with a million dollars on the line I want more time to study it.

President John: Well it’s somewhere between one (1) and a million. 

Councilman Kniese: I still would like to have more time too look at it.

President John: And you can’t do anything without the administration making the recommendation to us.  So if it came back at ten million I don’t know where you’d stand but it would be quite a bit different than what we’re requesting.

Councilman Melcher: I’d just like to echo what Councilwoman Robinson said.  Reading in the paper last year a couple of days after Paul Fletcher of the Housing Authority came to us and all of a sudden we read in the paper 1.4 million.  And then, you know the $300,000 we finally get something in the paper saying it was a mistake.  So that’s a million seven total.  And this is what we are up against.  And we talked about it last week Joe, if you remember, you wanted to cut the $60,000 from the budget for the liaison which took us a long time to finally get them to pay something and we did it free for years and years to do that. So it’s hard to get them on it, and this is only a one-year grant.  We also got to understand….I brought up last week about the property taxes we lost downtown, you know with the Vectren Project.  If we look at that, you know there could have been $230,000 a year minimum going to the School Corporation from now on, but for twenty-two years there isn’t going to be any money going to the School Corporation.  So this million dollars is still a good buy for the City because we took 230 times 22 minimum away from them.  Which is, you know, a lot more than this.  So I’d support this Resolution but like Councilwoman Robinson said this is kind of what happens to us all the time too and we are caught off guard and at the same time we get a phone call reading….so I say hold it newsman let me read the paper first and I’ll call you right back. 

President John: And one addition to that if you’ll follow that sense where it says a million…it says with an amount to be determined and recommended by the Mayor and the Controller.  So we’re saying that we support the idea that he’s already mentioned that we’d like to help the School Corporation if possible, but we need to know from them what we can afford to do because we don’t have those figures right now.  Councilman.

Councilman Kiefer: Mr. President.  Would Councilman Bagbey would you be willing adjust the Resolution or change some of the wording in the Resolution in support of spending some money for the School Corporation say absent the Baseball Stadium Project language?

Councilman Bagbey: Mr. President.  It goes about leadership and goes about priority.  You know my intent, ladies and gentlemen, was not to politicalize this.  Believe me or not, you know, Angela is right, it’s about priorities.  And I have heard more than on one occasion since 1992 various representatives and your father talk about children.  Talk about what can we do?  I go to an Eastview Neighborhood Association.  I go to listen to telephone calls or e-mails, people say what can you do?  Can you stop the baseball project; can you do something for the schools?  So, yes I put it out there; I called our Attorney today and yes this Resolution.  Eleventh hour, that’s where it becomes political.  Because the political aspect of it is on November 18th with the baseball facility that was the first time that any presentation was made to this Council.  Now, you know, I’m not going to talk about the Whirlpool situation or all the other Joe coming at the eleventh hour on January 27th and ask that we take $60,000 out and then follow up with another newspaper article the following day, that’s politics, that’s political.  What I see here is a priority, it is not binding, it is a Resolution, it is out here to show the public and our kids.  If we really care and really are concerned we will endorse this Resolution.  Now, I’m meeting with Mr. Heller on Wednesday, does that mean I’m against this baseball project because of this Ordinance?  The answer is no.  The whole concept about the baseball project is very simple.  If the numbers are right you do it, if the numbers are not right you don’t do it.  Unfortunately even as late as Thursday last week I asked for how are we going to fund it when I met with our Mayor.  I hear, I get telephone calls from people who are on this Baseball Committee, we’re going to get it to you, we’re going to get it to you.  I read in the newspaper the $600,000 on the auto tax, excuse me, which may be overestimated based upon the Allen County numbers.  The denial today of $400,000 request from the Convention Bureau we are already at $700,000 plus of monies that I read in the paper that was going to fund the project.  Now where is that balance going to come?  The people in the 2nd ward have told me on more than one occasion, e-mail, telephone calls, or presentations at their Neighborhood Association, we do not want this project, do something about our schools, and that is why I introduce this Ordinance, I mean this Resolution, and that’s what it is a Resolution. 

President John: One more comment Councilwoman.

Councilwoman Walden: Thank you Mr. President.  Again, I really do truly appreciate the good intentions of Councilman Bagbey.  I just disagree with the way we are going about it.  I don’t feel it’s necessary, I feel the Mayor is already looking into this and to me I think that that’s what makes it political is adding extra things to this.  Yes, we want to help the schools if it’s possible, but you know what folks it’s really not our job to bail out the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.  As much of a supporter as I am of the EVSC it’s not our job.  That’s why it’s set up to be a separate taxing district, it is not our job to bail them out.  I think if we can help them I certainly continue to urge the Mayor to look into ways to do that, but it is not up to me as a Legislative Member of the City Council to tie the Mayor’s hands or to even make those recommendations. 

President John: Councilwoman at some point in time it does become your responsibility because as a Legislative body you are also the Fiscal body so when that request comes forward for the dollars it will be your responsibility.  So that’s one of the things you have to pay attention to.

Councilwoman Walden: I understand that.

Councilman Kiefer: Councilman…President real briefly. 

President John: Councilman all right, then we’ll take a vote.

Councilman Kiefer: Would you guys…. would be willing to postpone this until our next meeting, this Resolution?  I might, I could very well support this.  I’d like to…..if I could have two weeks to, you know, talk about it, think about it, you know discuss it, would you be willing to postpone it for two weeks?

President John: Councilman Bagbey.

Councilman Bagbey: No.  Either you step out and make a decision or you don’t.

Councilwoman Robinson: Motion for a do-pass.

Motion by Councilwoman Robinson seconded by Councilman Melcher to adopt the Resolution to support the School Corporation.


Ayes:                Bagbey, Melcher, Robinson,

           Watts: Councilman Bagbey, again, I will applaud you I don’t need two weeks I don’t need 30 seconds.  If we can do something to assist our schools whether it be our job or not, it is the right thing to do.  And with that I pridefully vote aye.

Angermeier, John

Nays:               Kniese: Well, it’s really good to have open discussion isn’t it.  I believe we talked

                       about that earlier tonight about having open discussion so I’ll have to vote nay.

                        Koehler Walden, Keifer.

There being six (6) ayes and three (3) nays this Resolution goes forward as a recommendation of Council.  Please see that it’s forwarded to the Administration under Council letterhead.

Clerk Matlock: Under Council letterhead.

President John: Correct.  We have one other matter this evening and I don’t know how Council wants to handle it.  We did receive, or at least I did, at 3:00 today in the mail the Mayor’s recommendations.  There’s a total of 13 for the 7..

Councilman Melcher: Mr. President.

President John: Members that are going to be considered.  Councilman.

Councilman Melcher: Some of us have been talking all weekend and I think some were talking to you.  We’ve got seven names and I’d like to read them off at this time.

President John: Will this be in the form of a motion to approve?

Councilman Melcher: Yes it is.  This is to approve the seven names and the term limits.  And then the rest of them I believe then will be rejected.  Is that right?

President John: Will that be part of the motion?

Councilman Melcher: Yes.

President John: So the motion will be that we approve the names that you recommend for the years that you recommend.  And that the remainder of the members would be rejected.

Councilman Melcher: Okay.  For three years we have, and I don’t mean to pronounce the names wrong.  Kathy Manicke three years, Pam Guthrie three years, for one year Gayle Teller, one year Inez Vick, two years Christine Keck, Rick Tremont one year, and John Winiger from Lincolnshire two years.

Councilwoman Walden: Mr. President will you please read those names again before we vote.

President John: Would you please read the names one more time.

Councilman Melcher: Kathy Manicke three years, Pan Guthrie three years, Gayle Teller one year, Inez Vick one year, Christine Keck two years, Rick Tremont one year, John Winiger two years, and he’s from Lincolnshire and all these came off the Mayor’s list.

Councilman Kiefer: Council President, is this discussion?

President John: One second we have a…..

Councilman Melcher: I could pass this down.

President John: Why don’t you withdraw your second.

Councilman Watts: Withdraw my second.

Councilman Kiefer: Thank you Councilman Watts.  I know it seems like this thing has been put off, put off, and put off, but I, you know, personally I’m not prepared to vote on these names.  Some of these names I know even though the Mayor…..submitted them.  Really I just got in the mail this afternoon and I didn’t even pick it up.  Councilman Kniese gave me a copy of it.  And I know the argument, you know, the Mayor, you know, submitted this, and should have had it done, but if there is anyway we could vote on this….or I can have time to review the names again on the four additional ones and specifically the list that Councilman Melcher is suggesting that would be much appreciated from my aspect.  Thank you.

President John: I assume that your recommendations because of the Mayor’s request that you not delay these approvals so that the important work may…..

Councilman Melcher: That’s what he said in the letter.  I think he got the letter and he wants to move ASAP.  He picked the people and he said, “pick them”.  And why some of are on break and while we were talking over the weekend I didn’t get the letter until this evening and it was dated the 6th or something and it was mailed Saturday the 8th, because I still got the envelope. 

Councilman Kiefer: Well, this would be a time that I would disagree with the Mayor.  I would very much like to….

Councilman Melcher: Can we have that on record here could somebody sign something here?

President John: That will part of the minutes you know. Councilman do you leave your motion in or?

Councilman Melcher: Yes, I never took it out.

Motion by Councilman Melcher seconded by Councilman Watts.  Madam Clerk please call the roll.


Ayes:                Kniese, Bagbey, Melcher, Robinson, Koehler Walden, Watts.

Angermeier:  Mr. Chairman I raised my hand before.  I think out of all fairness  that I think a person that’s been on there for seventeen years has been very well involved, very competent individual.  I would very well like to see Dr. Tim Crowley in there because I heard from some people down there that have had an opportunity to talk to him.  I don’t know anybody who has contributed more to this Historical Preservation than Dr. Crowley.  And I hoped to get that name in before we made the motion.


Nays:               Kiefer.

President John: It was already called to vote so the thing on the floor today is…or at this point in time is whether or not those seven members will be approved.  And in the event that it fails, which I think it’s already got sufficient votes to pass, the name could be brought up.

Councilman Angermeier: Well, I wanted to express myself by this man and the times that I talked to him and other people down there I think that the Commission is missing out on a very valuable resident.  He’s contributed much to it and I suppose I have no other choice but to vote in favor of the seven that was selected.  And I apologize to Dr. Crowley.

There being eight (8) ayes and one (1) nay the recommendations of Councilman Melcher are hereby approved.  The seven sitting members will be Pan Guthrie, Kathy Manicke, Gayle Teller, Inez Vick, Christine Keck, Rick Tremont and John Winiger.  And the remaining names on the list are hereby rejected.  Are there any other matters to come under Miscellaneous Business?  If not we’ll go to Committee Reports.  Finance Councilwoman Robinson.


FINANCE CHAIRMAN ROBINSON: Mr. President, Ordinance F-2003-1 to be heard February 24th at 6:15.  Ordinance F-2003-2 to be also heard at 6:15.

President John: Thank you very much.  ASD Chairman Councilman Angermeier.

ADS CHAIRMAN ANGERMEIER: Nothing scheduled at this time Mr. Chairman.

PUBLIC WORKS CHAIRMAN BAGBEY: Mr. President nothing at this time.


Councilman Melcher moved and Councilman Watts seconded the motion to adjourn.  Voice Vote.  So Ordered.  Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.





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