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Surveyor's Office

Jeff MuellerJeff Mueller, P.E. - Vanderburgh County Surveyor

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The Vanderburgh County Surveyor's Office maintains the public land survey system and all legal drains within the county. The County Surveyor also reviews and recommends approval of drainage plans for the Vanderburgh County Drainage Board.

The Surveyor's Office is open Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00AM-4:30PM, and is closed on all county observed holidays.

Latest News

-The October 16th, 2018 meeting of the Vanderburgh County Drainage Board has been cancelled. Please see this notice for further information.

-Click here for a copy of the latest Drainage Board Agenda.

-The 2018 Recommended Bids for legal drain maintenance have been approved by the Vanderburgh County Drainage Board and are available for viewing here. The 2018 Drainage Specifications cover page is available here. This document contains links to all of the portions of the 2018 Drainage Specifications that are currently available. These documents can also be found in the Document Center found in the bottom left-hand margin.

-The Vanderburgh County Drainage Board has changed the Drainage Code, and these changes will take effect on 01/01/2018. The fully revised Drainage Code will be added as soon as it is available. These changes will also include a new section containing a Technical Memorandum, which can be found here or underneath "Useful Links" at the bottom of this page.

-To access Surveyor's Office Forms such as the Drainage Easement Encroachment Agreement or the Obstruction Petition Packet, please visit this page and select "Surveyor's Office" under the Department/Division search field. These forms can also be found in the Document Center found at the bottom of the left-hand margin.

-Click here for a full list of meeting dates for the Vanderburgh County Drainage Board.