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__, VacantDirector of DevelopmentMesker Park Zoo812.435.0814
Aaron, SandieREGIONAL GENERAL MANAGERThe Centre(812) 435-5510
Abel, LanaSenior Project ManagerDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7823 Email
Adams, KellyRELEASE DEPUTYRecorder's Office(812) 435-5669 Email
Adams, Ruth AnnSecretaryFire Department(812) 436-4412 Email
Administration LineFor Computer ServicesComputer Services812-602-6600
Ahlers, JeffreyCouncil AttorneyCounty Council's Office(812)423-3183
Akin, KariAccountant / Grants ManagerEvansville Metropolitan Planning Organization(812) 436-7833 Email
Alldredge, TamaraRegulatory Compliance Data CoordinatorEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities812-436-7014 Email
Allen, ChristopherDIRECTORHealth Department(812) 435-5289
Allyn, JillAccounts Payable ClerkController's Office(812) 436-4923 Email
Althoff, JohnDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Angermeier, KarenAdministrative AssistantCircuit Court812-435-1490
Angermeier, LisaFinance OfficerDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7823 Email
Ansbro, JohnPLANNERArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5060
Anslinger, PaulAsst. Fire ChiefFire Department(812) 436-4412 Email
Arflack, LarryWater Filtration Plant Maintenance Supervisor-Mechanical Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 428-0568 Email
Arnold, MaryOFFICE MANAGEREmergency Management Agency(812) 435-6020
Axsom, KevinCommissionerHuman Relations Commission 
Bailey, DonnaCommunity Development SpecialistDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7815 Email
Baird, Debbie POLICE TRAININGPolice Department(812) 436-4948
Baker, Demetrius Animal Control OfficerAnimal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Baker, MarybelleOperations Supervisor - NightMetropolitan Evansville Transportation System(812) 435-6174 Email
Ball, LucyClerkAnimal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Ballard, Joe EXECUTIVE DIRECTORDepartment of Solid Waste Management(812) 436-7800
Barber, Dr. DianaEducation CuratorMesker Park Zoo812.435.0807
Barnes , Benjamin Paving Coordinator Department of Engineering812-436-4974 Email
Barnes, DavidDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Barnes, MaryEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Barnhill, KaranStorm Water Coordinator/InspectorDepartment of Engineering812-436-4977 Email
Bassemier, TheresaASST. CHIEF DEPUTY Circuit SuperiorCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5170
Bauer, ChristopherWest Wastewater Treatment Plant ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)428-0557 Email
Baumberger, JenieRiding BailiffCircuit Court812-435-5192
Beavin, JosephManager, Goebel Soccer ComplexDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6141 Email
Beck, ErikDirector of OperationsMesker Park Zoo812.435.0804
Beck, JennyLegal Secretary / SuperiorProsecutor's Office 
Becker, Betty Account Clerk IICity Clerk's Office(812) 436-4995
Begeman, Shannon InspectorEnvironment Protection Agency812.435.6145 Email
Bell, Shannon Meter ClerkEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)421-2120 Ext. 2209 Email
Bengert, WendyDEPUTY/BOOKKEEPINGCounty Clerk's Office812-435-5259
Bergman, DonaGrants ManagerController's Office(812) 436-6148 Email
Berkemeier, Mona Water Laboratory Technician Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 426-6567/17 Email
Bernal, JesseFOG InspectorEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities812-436-7015 Email
Beth, GreenwellProbation Officer 812-435-5461 Email
Blair, AngieRevenue ClerkDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6141 Email
Boerner, VickiSenior Legal SecretaryLegal Aid Society812-435-5173 Email
Bolin, Chief BillyCHIEF OF POLICEPolice Department(812) 436-7896
Borowiecki, ChrisDirector of Environmental ServicesHealth Department(812) 435-5614
Borowiecki, Mary JoSUPERVISORHealth Department(812) 435-5807
Bouseman, PaulBotanical CuratorMesker Park Zoo812.435.0821
Boyd, SandyAccount Clerk IIIDepartment of Transportation and Services(812) 436-4988 Email
Brack, AlanInvestigator Adult Protective ServicesProsecutor's Office 
Brandt, JustinDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Brannon, MarleneESCROW ADMINISTRATORTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5253 Email
Brinkmeyer, DavidFire MarshalFire Department(812) 436-4469 Email
Brown, JaneyCustomer Service Representative Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7846 Email
Brown, TiffanyDEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5169
Brown, ChelseaAdministrative Assistant 812-436-4962 Email
Brown, Douglas R.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Bruce, Jody East Wastewater Plant Administrative AssistantEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 428-0548/10 Email
Brucken, DeniseDEPUTY/JUVENILECounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5145
Brush, Deputy Chief CindyDirector of Finance & AssetsPolice Department(812)436-7892
Bryant, Greg Superintendent Department of Transportation and Services812-435-6000 Email
Buchanan, RodneyDirectorJoint Dispatch Center812-426-7325 Email
Buchenberger, LisaPreSentence InvestigatorCircuit Court812-435-1490
Buckman, LeslieDeputy DirectorJoint Dispatch Center812-426-7325 Email
Bullock, Carol East Wastewater Plant Data CoordinatorEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 428-0548/15 Email
Burgdorf, LeslieBookkeeper IIAuditor's Office(812) 435-5826 Email
Burkett, Levi T.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Burlison, SarahAccounts ReceivableEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-4519 Email
Bushrod, Anthony R. BOARD MEMBERVoter's Registration(812) 435-5224
Byrd, JeffRoad ForemanCounty Highway Department(812) 435-5777
Cain, Renee AllenMAGISTRATESuperior Court(812) 435-5126
Calhoun, Joshua Community Development CoordinatorDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7819 Email
Capin, KyleCollection System Construction SupervisorEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)421-2120/2227 Email
Capin, SteveIOCP Construction ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-4039 Email
Carithers, Robert P.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Carlisle, CherylInheritance Tax AppraiserCounty Assessor(812) 435-5271 Email
Carlson, JeanOffice ManagerController's Office(812) 435-4918 Email
Carpenter, DanaNurse/screener [PT]Health Department(812) 435-5015
Carrier, ConnieBOARD MEMBERVoter's Registration(812) 435-5225
Carter, KristinaDirector of Communicable DiseaseHealth Department(812) 435-5691
Castillo, MilviaWIC Administrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5701
Castrale, DaveENGINEERING TECHNICIANCounty Engineer's Office(812) 435-5773 Email
Caswell, Debbie Court ReporterCircuit Court812-435-5809
Cates, IngridHP Administrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5765
Causey, PHR, TichaPayroll SpecialistAdministrative Services(812) 436-4937 Email
Cerklefskie, KathyOffice ManagerDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7823 Email
Chandler, Captain AndyChief of StaffPolice Department(812) 436-7896
Chapman, LoriASST. SUPERVISOR/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5563
Claspell, BrianDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730 Email
Claspell, DanielDeputy Director - CS, DP, and AMREvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-7861 Email
Claybrook, KarlaAssistant Chief Probation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-1490
Clayton, RhondaPart TimeCity Clerk's Office(812) 436-4998
Clem, CarlLift Station Manager Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 428-0557 Email
Clements, B. DianeEXECUTIVE DIRECTORHuman Relations Commission(812) 436-4927
Coates, NancyOffice ManagerJoint Dispatch Center(812) 426-7325
Cochran, HarryOPERATIONS DIRECTORThe Centre(812)-5770 ext 209
Collins, Jenny Chief Financial OfficerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-7857 Email
Comer, KristinSuperintendent of County BuildingsCommissioners' Office(812) 435-5241 Email
Confinement Division, 1st Shift Lieutenant Sheriff's Office812-421-6263
Confinement Division, 2nd Shift Lieutenant Sheriff's Office812-421-6262
Confinement Division, 3rd Shift Lieutenant Sheriff's Office812-421-6260
Confinement Division, Booking Supervisor Sheriff's Office812-421-6201
Confinement Division, Booking/Bond Sheriff's Office812-421-6240
Confinement Division, Chaplain Sheriff's Office812-421-6268
Confinement Division, Community Service Sheriff's Office812-421-6317
Confinement Division, Corrections Director Sheriff's Office812-421-6312
Confinement Division, Corrections Reception Sheriff's Office812-421-6202
Confinement Division, Corrections Records Sheriff's Office812-421-6313
Confinement Division, Day Reporting Supervisor Sheriff's Office812-421-6330
Confinement Division, Electronic Home Detention Sheriff's Office812-421-6315
Confinement Division, Lieutenant Transport Sheriff's Office812-421-6261
Confinement Division, Major Sheriff's Office812-421-6265
Confinement Division , Medical Director Sheriff's Office812-421-6272
Confinement Division, Medical Office Sheriff's Office812-421-6277
Confinement Division, Warehouse/Supply Sheriff's Office812-421-6292
Confinement Division, Warrants Sheriff's Office812-421-6250
Conkling, LesaSenior Enforcement OfficerProsecutor's Office 
Conley, HeatherDEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5588
Connelly, Mike Fire ChiefFire Department(812) 436-4413 Email
Conner, BobCollection System Maintenance Supervisor Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2226 Email
Conway, SherryDEPUTY/AAPS/DAPSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5014
Cooke, ChrisSuperintendent of CemeteriesCity Cemeteries(812) 435-6045 Email
Cooley, Camala G.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Corbitt, WallaceSUPERVISORHealth Department(812) 435-5683
Corcoran, Sheila M.MAGISTRATESuperior Court(812) 435-5469
Corrections Division, Case Manager Supervisor Sheriff's Office812-421-6332
Cottom, J. CrisWater Capital Projects ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)421-2120x2203 Email
Coudret, CarolENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST Health Department(812) 435-5616
Coudret, JanetDeputy ControllerController's Office(812) 435-6043 Email
Coures, KelleyExecutive DirectorDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7823 Email
Cox, MichaelVanderburgh Circuit Court Magistrate 812-435-5192 Email
Cox, Michael JVanderburgh Circuit Court MagistrateCircuit Court812-435-5192
Crook, DanielleGeneral Manager, Swonder Ice ArenaDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 479-0989 Email
Crothers, AnthonyAnimal Control OfficerAnimal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Cruse , Jim Foreman - Traffic Engineering Department of Transportation and Services812-435-6003 Email
Cullum, Sergeant JasonPublic Information OfficerPolice Department(812)436-5744
Curl, LindaEnvironmental Administrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5695
Current, KeithEMS ManagerFire Department(812) 436-4452 Email
Dale, Nancy Real Estate Posting ClerkAuditor's Office(812) 435-5356 Email
D'Amour, Richard G.JudgeSuperior Court(812) 435-5112
Daniels, Jim RECYCLING COORDINATORDepartment of Solid Waste Management(812) 436-7801
Davis, DawnDEPUTY/SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5166
Day, JessicaEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Deardurff, Brian Probation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-5461
Decker, Charlene First DeputyAuditor's Office(812) 435-5464 Email
Denk, Todd Interim General ManagerDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 476-1383/33
Dennis, GingerDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Denton, BillINVESTIGATORPublic Defender's Agency(812)435-5900
Deutsch, LisaEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Devine, CindyEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Deyoung, Lieutenant DanAdult Investigations CommanderPolice Department(812)436-4954
Dickerson, ShawnARBORISTDepartment of Transportation and Services(812) 436-5752 Email
Dickman, JoeEast Wastewater Treatment Plant ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)428-0548/21 Email
Dillman, SuzieAssistant Sports DirectorDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6141 Email
Dion, RobertCommissionerHuman Relations Commission 
Doran, MikeFire MarshalFire Department(812) 436-4455 Email
Dorsey, JoanADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTCounty Engineer's Office(812) 435-5773
Doty-Fox, Jacqueline Real Estate Deputy Appraiser/PTABOA Hearing OfficerCounty Assessor(812)435-2523 Email
Douglas, TerriDATA INPUT CLERKDepartment of Transportation and Services(812) 435-6002 Email
Doyle, JamesDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Drach, PamelaDeputy DirectorEvansville Metropolitan Planning Organization(812)436-7833 Email
Duke, DanaRegistrarMesker Park Zoo812.435.0820
Duncan, MaureenAdministrative AssistantMesker Park Zoo812.435.0803
Durbin, KarenProbation Office ManagerCircuit Court812-435-1490
Edwards, DebbieDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Edwards, ShannonChief DeputyRecorder's Office812-435-5219 Email
English, DavidFendrich Golf Course ProDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6070 Email
Evans, JoniSECRETARYLevee Authority(812) 435-6137 Email
Everly, Lieutenant TimEvansville/Vanderburgh County Drug Task Force CommanderPolice Department(812) 435-7917
Ewald, MikeChief of InstructionFire Department(812) 436-4466 Email
Fankhouser, ScottAssistant Manager, Swonder Ice ArenaDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 479-0989 Email
Farmer, CharlesMobility ManagerMetropolitan Evansville Transportation System812-435-6169 Email
Farmer, ChavonForemanDepartment of Transportation and Services(812) 435-6000 Email
Feller, MichaelSUPERVISORLevee Authority(812) 435-6137 Email
Fest, KateInspectorEnvironment Protection Agency812.435.6149 Email
Fichter, Brad Water Laboratory TechnicianEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 426-6567/17 Email
Fink, Kelli EVanderburgh Circuit Court MagistrateCircuit Court812-435-5192
Finnerty, AnnaDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Fisher, JeanReal Estate Posting ClerkAuditor's Office(812) 435-5293 Email
Fisher, ReneeCustomer Service RepresentativeEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-7846 Email
Fithian, PHR, GeorgeExecutive DirectorAdministrative Services(812) 436-4935 Email
Fitzsimmons, Lieutenant BrettSecond Shift Patrol CommanderPolice Department(812)436-6034
Fluty, BillCounty AssessorCounty Assessor(812) 435-5969 Email
Ford, KimFUNDS BOOKKEEPERTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5250 Email
Foucault, BillIT/GIS SupervisorCounty Assessor(812)435-5270 Email
Fox, BonnieBOOKKEEPER/OFFICE MANAGERHuman Relations Commission(812) 436-4927
Frankenberger, KellyBookkeeperFire Department(812) 436-4411 Email
Franklin, David A. HIGHWAY ENGINEEERING ASSISTANT County Engineer's Office(812) 435-5773
Freeman, BeaINFORMATION SPECIALISTTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5248 Email
Freeman, LindaCHIEF DEPUTYSurveyor's Office(812) 435-5210
Fulton, VickiCD Administrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5692
Gamblin, CarolynASST. SUPERVISOR/BOOKKEEPINGCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5048
Gander, JenniferJunior Legal SecretaryLegal Aid Society812-435-5173 Email
Garau, SamuelChief Deputy AuditorAuditor's Office(812) 435-5467 Email
Garbers, Leanne M.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Garrett, MeganPayroll BookkeeperAuditor's Office(812) 435-5026 Email
Garrett, MeganDEPUTY/SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5972
Gelzleichter, PaulFLEET MANAGERPolice Department(812) 436-7965
Genet, DanielleCourt ReporterCircuit Court812-435-5192
George, AliceDEPUTY/SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5672
Gerling, GreggCommissionerHuman Relations Commission 
Gerth, BrianCounty AuditorAuditor's Office812-435-5763 Email
Gibson, KevinExecutive DirectorLegal Aid Society812-435-5173 Email
Gibson, KimberlyEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Gibson, TonyWater Laboratory TechnicianEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 426-6567/17 Email
Giles, LindaDEPUTYVoter's Registration(812) 435-5222
Gilles, Duane Water Distribution System ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2224 Email
Gist, CarlCSO Compliance ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 428-0548/14 Email
Glaser, KathyCounty Council Admin/ Recording SecretaryAuditor's Office(812) 435-5088 Email
Glover, Rick Water Filtration Plant Production Manager Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 428-0568 Email
Goad, DenaReal Estate Posting ClerkAuditor's Office(812) 435-5302 Email
Godshall, SarahNURSEHealth Department(812) 435-5997
Goebel, JeanaPart-time ReceptionistLegal Aid Society812-435-5173 Email
Goebel, MikeMemberCounty Council's Office(812)435-5791
Goodman, TomCONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING ASSISTANTCounty Engineer's Office(812) 435-5773
Goodrid, DeborahDEPUTY/CASHCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5164
Goodwin, DarlaEngineering Office Administrative Assistant Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2236 Email
Gowen, JimGIS SpecialistCounty Assessor(812)435-5286 Email
Goy, KeithSUPERVISORHealth Department(812) 435-5667
Grafton, BrentCommissionerHuman Relations Commission 
Graham, MartinCOUNSELORDrug & Alcohol Deferral Services(812) 435-5775
Grampp, ChristyCourt ReporterCircuit Court812-435-5192
Grayson, Madelyn Commission SecretaryAuditor's Office(812) 435-5471 Email
Grayson, TimOld Courthouse CustodianCommissioners' Office(812) 436-4944 Email
Green, AvisReceptionistProsecutor's Office 
Greenwell, DeborahYAP COORDINATOR, COUNSELORDrug & Alcohol Deferral Services(812) 435-5775
Greenwell, ElizabethProbation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-5461
Greenwell, JanetZONING ADMINISTRATORArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5887
Gries, JosephADMINISTRATORHealth Department(812) 435-2468
Griffin, MarciaEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Grimm, DanChief of Administration/PIOFire Department(812) 436-4428 Email
Gross, KamhiDEPUTY/CHILD SUPPORTCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-8663
Guenin, Lieutenant MontyThird Shift Patrol CommanderPolice Department(812)436-7960
Guerrero, Megan Probation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-5461
Guetling, JustinDistribution Operations & Maintenance Supervisor Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2225 Email
Gwinn, Malcolm S.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Hagan, KimberlyDEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5124
Hale, WarrenProbation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-5461
Hall, DonnaSECRETARYPublic Defender's Agency(812)435-5900
Hall, AliciaGrants ManagerMetropolitan Evansville Transportation System812-435-6170 Email
Hall, EmilyDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Hall, TimWater Quality ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)428-0568 Email
Hames, Cindy Recorder's Office(812) 435-5954 Email
Hammond, GuyWater Filtration Plant Operations Supervisor Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 428-0568 Email
Hamner, SheilaProbation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-1490
Hampton, ChristalPARALEGALPublic Defender's Agency(812)435-5900
Hancock, AndreaLegal Secretary / Misd.Prosecutor's Office 
Hanley, LeslieDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Hanneken, JillianDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Hardesty, MargieSALES CONFERENCE COORDINATORThe Centre(812)455-5770 ext 313
Hardin, BrianWater Distribution System O & M ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2225 Email
Hardnett, KayReceptionist / Call CenterProsecutor's Office 
Harris, DonaldDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Harrison, Jr., JoeCOUNTY ATTORNEYCommissioners' Office(812) 491-9333 Email
Harry, ValerieDESIGN ENGINEERCounty Engineer's Office(812) 435-5773
Hart, Misty SECOND DEPUTYTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5251 Email
Harvey, StephanieHead Cashier/Administration DepartmentCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5014
Hassel, MarcieDEPUTY/CHILD SUPPORTCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-8663
Hatfield, RyanDeputy Prosecuting Attorney  
Hatfull, Norma Administrative Assistant 436-7888 Email
Hayes, ShainaWIC CPAHealth Department(812) 435-5701
Head, Randelle R. Animal Control OfficerAnimal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Healy, JenniferHealth EducatorHealth Department(812) 435-5385
Heather, PinkstonPart-time Receptionist 812-435-5173 Email
Heavrin, LovinaDistribution System Data Clerk Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2201 Email
Heldt, Carl AVanderburgh Circuit Court Sr JudgeCircuit Court812-435-5192
Hermann, NicholasProsecuting Attorney  
Herr, LynnPublic Health NurseHealth Department(812) 435-5761
Herron, DebraEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Hertzberger, CharlesChief of OperationsFire Department(812) 436-4429 Email
Hildebrandt, TravisCollection System Manager Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120x2210 Email
Hill, BrendaCHIEF DRAFTSMANArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5886
Hill, Deputy Chief BradDirector Special ProjectsPolice Department(812)436-4030
Hill, Marianne C.Executive Assistant/SchedulerMayor's Office812-436-4962
Hirsch, SherriSECRETARY/BOOKKEEPERDrug & Alcohol Deferral Services(812) 435-5775
Hochstetler, SteveFire MarshalFire Department(812) 436-4451 Email
Hoerner, JaneCustomer Service Representative Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7846 Email
Hoffman, PauletteFINANCE OFFICERHealth Department(812) 435-5619
Hohman, GaryASSISTANT MANAGERBurdette Park(812) 435-5602
Holder, NancyDEPUTY/TAX WARRANTSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5364
Holderfield, DonnaZONING ENFORCEMENT OFFICERArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5977
Holiday, Vivian Executive Secretary - AdministrationEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7853 Email
Holland, TaraDEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5171
Holley, KathieBOOKKEEPER/OFFICE MANAGERArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5226
Holtz, BrianExecutive DirectorDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6141 Email
Holzmeyer, KellyENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTHealth Department(812) 435-5082
Horning, DavidENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTHealth Department(812) 435-5189
Howard, RichardInvestigatorFire Department(812) 436-4099 Email
Hudson, DaveGarage ForemanCounty Highway Department(812) 435-5777
Hurm, RobinOffice ManagerMetropolitan Evansville Transportation System(812) 435-6173 Email
Hurt, BrianDEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5124
Hutter, KathyLloyd Pool ManagerDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6085 Email
Information, Main Desk Metropolitan Evansville Transportation System(812) 435-6166
Jackson, DebbieDEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5169
Jackson, BillFire MarshalFire Department(812)436-4453 Email
Jackson, KolbiCommunity Development SpecialistDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7808 Email
Jamie, SwanDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Jansen, SusanTECHNOLOGIST (part-time)Health Department(812) 435-5568
Jeffries, Susan ADMINISTRATORDepartment of Solid Waste Management(812) 436-7800
Joest-Newman, Karen Systems SupervisorAuditor's Office(812) 435-5281 Email
Johnson, AnastaciaWIC BookkeeperHealth Department(812) 435-7020
Johnson-Watson, EllaDirector of CommunicationsAdministrative User Department812-436-4965 Email
Jordan, SteveInstructorFire Department(812) 436-4456 Email
Jourdan, KurtCustomer Service SupervisorEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7847 Email
Judge, MaryDEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5168
Kachanuk, BeckyUCC. DEPUTYRecorder's Office(812) 435-5216 Email
Kahre, SherryDEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5488
Kamp, Kerry EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTDepartment of Transportation and Services(812) 436-4988 Email
Kamp, KennethAnimal Control OfficerAnimal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Keating, JacobDirectorEnvironment Protection Agency812.435.6147 Email
Keepes, PatWater SuperintendentEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities812-421-2120 X 2204 Email
Kelly, HollisSecretaryAnimal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Kempf, LisaLegal Secretary / Circuit Prosecutor's Office 
Kempf, SusanSales Disclosure First DeputyCounty Assessor(812) 435-5272 Email
Keppler, Matthew F.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Kerchief, LindaASST CHIEF DEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5047
Kerney, JenniferEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Key, RyanDEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATORArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5979
Kiefer, JoeMemberCounty Council's Office(812)435-5791
Kiely, David DVanderburgh Circuit Court JudgeCircuit Court812-435-5192
Killough, Gayl Community Development SpecialistDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7810 Email
Kincaid, Lauren Administrative Assistant Superior Court812-435-5469 Email
Kincheloe, LindaVictim AdvocateProsecutor's Office 
Kirk, SusieTREASURERTreasurer's Office(812 ) 435- 5248 Email
Kirkwood, KevinSafety ManagerAdministrative Services(812) 436-4946 Email
Kleaving, Brad Land SurveyorEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)421-2120x2216 Email
Klenck, Hallie Head BailiffCircuit Court812-435-5192
Knipe, BenGOVERNMENT EMPLOYEESTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5249 Email
Knoll, DebraBenefits ManagerAdministrative Services(812) 436-4945 Email
Koch, DelorisDIRECTORDrug & Alcohol Deferral Services(812) 435-5775
Kochersperger, Lieutenant WalterDay Shift Patrol CommanderPolice Department(812)436-4952
Koehler Lindsey, AngelaPresidentCounty Council's Office(812)435-5791
Kolb, Kevin Wastewater Lab and Pretreatment ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 426-2820 Email
Kollker, JackieInsurance Administrative Assistant (812) 435-6274 Email
Kopp, PattyData Processing Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7856 Email
Kramer, Brenda Data ProcessingEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-7855 Email
Kuebler, BarbaraFinance OfficerDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6141 Email
Labitzke, MikeDeputy Director of Utilities - Engineering AdministrationEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2228 Email
Lahee, CharissaOutreachHealth Department(812) 435-6346
Lamb, Michael W.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Lamberton, LloydPretreatment Coordinator Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 426-2820 Email
Lampkins, BillSuperintendent of McDonals GC & Wesselman's Par 3Department of Parks and Recreation(812) 475-2577
Langerak, Julia BCircuit Court Administrator/ Staff Attorney Circuit Court812-435-5192
Lantaff, GregLead MechanicFire Department(812) 435-6152 Email
Larmore, Lieutenant KarlaSpecial Operations CommanderPolice Department(812)436-7977
Larson, MikeInstructorFire Department(812) 436-4486 Email
Lawson, HarryWastewater SuperintendantEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-4487 Email
Lenfers, RobertaPOLICE PERSONNELPolice Department(812) 436-4947
Leonard, LucindaWIC CPAHealth Department(812) 435-5701
Letson, CassieAssistant BailiffCircuit Court812-435-5192
Letson, DonnaDEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5485
Libbert, AshleyTB RNHealth Department(812) 435-5830
Linberg, Lisa Benefits SpecialistAdministrative Services(812) 435-6274 Email
Lindamood, JuneEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Lindsey, DorothyInvestigator Adult Protective ServicesProsecutor's Office 
Lindsey, Dr. SusanAnimal CuratorMesker Park Zoo812.435.0823
Littell, MelindaProbation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-5461
Lloyd, Mary Margaret Judge Superior Court(812) 435-5966
Lloyd Jr, CPA, Russell GControllerController's Office(812) 436-4919 Email
Locke, NancyReal Estate SupervisorCounty Assessor(812) 435-5645 Email
Lockyear, StevenCoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730 Email
Loehrlein, CandraReceptionist / Call CenterProsecutor's Office 
Loehrlein, Lieutenant StephanieCrime Prevention Unit CommanderPolice Department(812) 435-6135
London P.E. CFM, RonaldEXECUTIVE DIRECTORArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5226 Email
Long, Anna LaurenEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Lott, BSCE, JenniferStaff Engineer Department of Engineering(812) 436-4977 Email
Lovell, TheresaINVESTMENTS BOOKKEEPERTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5338 Email
Lovell, TiffanyVictim AdvocateProsecutor's Office  Email
Ludwig, JudyRECEPTIONISTCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5160
Lugo, JavierDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Lukeman, TeriExecutive AssistantCounty Council's Office(812)435-5790
Lutz, LauriCorrections / Tax Mapping SupervisorAuditor's Office(812) 435-5470 Email
Maday, AdamStaff AttorneyLegal Aid Society812-435-5173 Email
Maddox, AngieClerk IICity Clerk's Office(812) 436-4992
Madison, LaRissaWIC CPAHealth Department(812) 435-5701
Maier, AliciaLegal Secretary / JuvenileProsecutor's Office 
Main, GregChief Fire MarshalFire Department(812) 436-4464 Email
Marcrum, Jill ReifingerMAGISTRATESuperior Court(812) 435-5469
Martin, AnitaUtility AccountantEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)435-7091 Email
Martin, KeithDraftsmanDepartment of Engineering(812) 436-4984 Email
Martin, LauraDEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5124
Martin, ThomasDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Masden, TamaraBudget Manager/Internal AuditorController's Office(812) 436-4921 Email
Mastison, RobynDirector of Victim/Witness AssistanceProsecutor's Office 
Matherly, SherriImmunization NurseHealth Department(812) 435-5997
Mattingly, Michael E.PARALEGALPublic Defender's Agency(812)435-5900
Mattingly, ErinTransportation Planner: Non-Motorized / Sustainability ProgramsEvansville Metropolitan Planning Organization(812) 436-7833 Email
Mattingly, KatherineCD Administrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5997
Mattingly, SusanChief Criminal InvestigatorProsecutor's Office 
Mayer, JoeFire MarshalFire Department(812) 436-4454 Email
Mayer, Ryan Senior DesignerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)421-2120x2233 Email
McAlister, Elexica Human Relations Commission 
McAtee, DavidGolf Pro at Helfrich Hills GCDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6075 Email
McBride, MattFOG CoordinatorEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities812-436-7013 Email
McClure, PriscillaMISC DEPUTYRecorder's Office(812) 435-5937 Email
McCord, KelseySous Chef SMGThe Centre(812)435-5770 x305
McDonald, AnnaLegal Secretary / CircuitProsecutor's Office 
McDonald, PE, LS, DouglasSPECIAL DEPUTYSurveyor's Office(812) 435-5210
McDowell, Larry GCourt Liaison OfficerCircuit Court812-435-1490
McGee, JamilaINVESTIGATOR Human Relations Commission(812) 436-4931
McGee, OscarFOREMANDepartment of Transportation and Services(812) 435-6007 Email
MCGLOWN, RUBYCOMMISSIONERHuman Relations Commission 
McMichael, PHR, CarolDeputy DirectorAdministrative Services(812) 436-4939 Email
McNary, ShannonDEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5946
McReynolds, JimCAD/GIS SPECIALISTArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5236
Melton, BrentDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Merideth, Samantha DEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5722
Merideth, SamanthaInvestigatorProsecutor's Office 
Merrick, JeffChief Regulatory Compliance OfficerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7858 Email
Merrick, Adam Customer Service RepresentativeEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-8603 Email
Messel, ErinData ProcessingEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7845 Email
Mickel, SheliaDEPUTY/CHILD SUPPORTCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5787
Middleton, VickiOffice Manager / Deputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730 Email
Miller, ErikaAdministrative AssistantCommissioners' Office(812)435-5624 Email
Minor, Kelly Meter Department Customer Service Supervisor Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2207 Email
Mitchell, EricaSUPERVISORHealth Department(812) 435-5814
Mitchell, JamieInsurance / Retirement BookkeeperAuditor's Office(812) 435-5025 Email
Mobility, Dispatch Metropolitan Evansville Transportation System(812) 435-6188
Moers, JoyceBOOKKEEPERBurdette Park(812) 435-5602
Molinet, Deputy Chief JoycePersonnel and Training DirectorPolice Department(812) 436-7891
Montrastelle, JohnVice President & Personnel ChairCounty Council's Office(812)435-5791
Moore, CarlaInvestigatorProsecutor's Office 
Moore, HollyASST CHIEF DEPUTY/ELECTIONSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5122
Moore, TracyASST. CHIEF DEPUTY OF CASHCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5148
Morehead, LynSales Catering Manager SMGThe Centre(812)435-5770 x301
Morris, ConstanceDEPUTY REGISTRARHealth Department(812) 435-5359
Morris, Robin OFFICE MANAGERDepartment of Transportation and Services(812) 436-4988 Email
Morris, AmosDirectorMesker Park Zoo812.435.0802
Mosby, AshleyCustomer Service RepresentativeEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7846 Email
MOSS, ESTELLACOMMISSIONERHuman Relations Commission 
Mounts, AllenDirector, Water and Sewer UtilitiesEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-4560 Email
Mudd, KellyReceptionist / SecretaryCircuit Court812-435-5461
Muehler, JulieEpidemiologistHealth Department(812) 435-5850
Mueller, PE, JeffreyVANDERBURGH COUNTY SURVEYORSurveyor's Office(812) 435-5117 Email
Murphy, FeliciaCD Administrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5682
Murphy, AnitraINVESTIGATOR Human Relations Commission(812) 436-4930
Murphy, Jr., StephenPart-time Staff AttorneyLegal Aid Society812-435-5173 Email
Murry-Pittman, BrendaCommissionerHuman Relations Commission 
Musgrave, Cheryl Commissioner, District 3Commissioners' Office(812) 435-5241 Email
Nance, CandyFIRST DEPUTYTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5111 Email
Nance, GinaRevenue ClerkMesker Park Zoo812.435.0806
Neal, Ira Human Relations Commission 
Neighbors, AshleeDISEASE INTERVENTION SPECIALISTHealth Department(812) 435-5683
Nelson, GayleDirector of Adult Protective ServicesProsecutor's Office 
Newman, RegeneDirector of FinanceProsecutor's Office 
Newton, JayDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Niemeier, Brett J. Judge, Juvenile CourtSuperior Court(812) 435-5126
Norris, JulietteEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Nunn, SarahAdministrative Assistant IICounty Council's Office(812)435-5791
Oaks, JeffTransportation TechnicianEvansville Metropolitan Planning Organization(812) 436-7833 Email
Offerman, LuellenASST. SUPERVISOR /SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5678
Ohning, Doug Engineering Services CoordinatorEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)421-2120x2217 Email
Oliver, BlaineASST. DIRECTOR/PLANNERArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5881
OpenInspector Department of Engineering812-436-4990
Owen, CrystalSecretary IIIAdministrative Services(812) 436-4935 Email
Owen, TinaCHIEF OF POLICE SECRETARYPolice Department(812) 436-7896
Owens, Stephen HCHIEF PUBLIC DEFENDERPublic Defender's Agency(812)435-5900
Pajoum, CarolynnPurchasing CoordinatorController's Office(812)-436-4917 Email
Pajoum, CarolynnProject Manager/Promise Zone LiaisonDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-4555 Email
Patton, GingerADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTHealth Department(812) 435-5694
Patton, EmilyWIC CPAHealth Department(812) 435-5617
Paul, DeniseMEDICAL REIMBURSEMENTHealth Department(812) 435-5443
Paynter, WallyDISEASE INTERVENTION SPECIALISTHealth Department(812) 435-5683
Pedley, TreyZONING INVESTIGATORArea Planning Commission(812)-435-5226 Email
Perry, JaySUPERINTENDENTLevee Authority(812) 435-6137 Email
Perry, Michael J.Chief Trial Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Peters, AndrewCustomer Service RepresentativeEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7846 Email
Peters, MarkSuperintendent of Fendrich GCDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6071
Phernetton, KyleInvestigatorProsecutor's Office(812)435-5688 Email
Phillips, Danielle DEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5772
Pigman , Robert J. JudgeSuperior Court(812) 435-5410
Pike, RonForeman - Street Maintenance Dept. Department of Transportation and Services812-435-6000 Email
Pinkston, HeatherPart-time ReceptionistLegal Aid Society812-435-5173 Email
Pinnell, VickiPayroll SupervisorAdministrative Services(812) 436-4936 Email
Poff, KeithIOCP Project ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)421-2120x2212 Email
Porter, DonnaCHIEF DEPUTYCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5160
Posey, Martha J.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Probus, JulieFinance OfficerController's Office(812) 436-4914 Email
Pugh, Assistant Chief ChrisASSISTANT CHIEF OF POLICEPolice Department(812) 436-7896
Purtzer, BethCommunity Development SpecialistDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-5297 Email
Puttman, JenniferTransfer/Deeds DeputyCounty Assessor(812)435-5472 Email
Raben, JimFinance ChairCounty Council's Office(812)435-5791
Ramon, LeighAsst Animal CuratorMesker Park Zoo812.435.0828
Rankin, RandyFire MarshalFire Department(812) 436-4422 Email
Ray, DebbieAccounts Receivable ClerkController's Office(812) 436-4924 Email
Reagan, DawnCustomer Service Representative Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7846 Email
Rebstock, LawrenceDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Recinos, Mayra ReceptionistCircuit Court812-435-5192
Reeb, JudyReceptionist / Call CenterProsecutor's Office 
Reed, MistyData Processing Team LeaderEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-6254 Email
Reed, Michael Client Support ServicesDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7805 Email
Reel, Jane Deputy DirectorDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7823 Email
Reese, ErinNURSEHealth Department(812) 435-5761
Rexing, John Wastewater Capital Projects ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2214 Email
Rhodes, TomFinance Manager SMGBurdette Park, The Centre(812)435-5602 x22
Ridlen, AaronDeputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Riester, AshleyEvent/Stage Manager SMGThe Centre(812)435-5770 x308
Riley, CandyAdministrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5997
Ritzert, VictoriaInvestigatorHuman Relations Commission812-436-4932 Email
Rizen, CameronPSI Probation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-1490
Roarke, SteffanyOffice Supervisor - WaterEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2223 Email
Robertson, Todd Executive DirectorDepartment of Transportation and Services(812) 436-4988 Email
Roby, E. Penny Superintendent of Helfrich GCDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6076
Rogers, DorothyClient Support Services (812)436-7805 Email
Rogers, DorothyClient Support ServicesDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7805 Email
Roper, DeborahDEPUTY/SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5672
Ross, ElizabethASST. SUPERVISOR/CASHCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5374
Roy, Billie JoTax Sale ClerkAuditor's Office(812) 435-5389 Email
Ruffin, KarenInvestigator, Adult Protective ServicesProsecutor's Office 
Rusk, CarolynBrownfields CoordinatorDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7823 Email
Russler, TeresaReal Estate Department SupervisorAuditor's Office(812) 435-5421 Email
Rutherford, JamieBookkeeper/Payroll ClerkCounty Highway Department(812) 435-5777
Rye, MariaEvent Coordinator SMGThe Centre(812)435-5770 x207
Sacksteder, BrookeWIC CPAHealth Department(812) 435-5015
Salee, CherieASST. SUPERVISOR/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5675
Sanders, HannahOutreachHealth Department(821) 435-5765
Sanders, PhyllisLicense Clerk/ReceptionistController's Office(812) 436-4919 Email
Sanderson, StephanieVisitor Services CuratorMesker Park Zoo812.435.0834
Sands, JimHousing InspectorDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7812 Email
Santiago, JanetWater Laboratory Technician Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 426-6567/17 Email
Scarbrough, BrianDebit Option, Cashier, Bank CoordinatorTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5437 Email
Schaefer, SteveChief of StaffAdministrative User Department812-436-4967 Email
Scheller, MarciCollection System Administrative AssistantEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2229 Email
Schmitt, SandyInvestigator, Child SupportProsecutor's Office 
Schmitt, P.E. , Brent A.City Engineer Department of Engineering812-436-4990 Email
Schnacke, JohnDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Schneider, DebbieDEPUTY/BOOKKEEPINGCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5259
Schneider, RobinInvestigatorProsecutor's Office 
Schnur, Trish Business Personal Property First DeputyCounty Assessor(812)435-5285 Email
Schutte, Gary James, IIChief Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Schwartz, BarbaraDEPUTY/CASHCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5014
Scott, LaciEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Scott, SherylEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Senn, GarvinStaff AttorneyLegal Aid Society812-435-5173 Email
Shelley, KevinFire MarshalFire Department(812) 436-4427 Email
Shetler, Jr., TomMemberCounty Council's Office(812)435-5791
Shively, Leslie C. JudgeSuperior Court(812) 435-5401
Shokouhzadeh, SeyedExecutive DirectorEvansville Metropolitan Planning Organization(812) 436-7833 Email
Shoulders, BenCOMMISSIONER - DISTRICT 1Commissioners' Office(812) 435-5241 Email
Shoulders, Jeffrey T.MAGISTRATESuperior Court(812) 435-5469
Siebeking, JonathanSuperintendant of MaintenanceMetropolitan Evansville Transportation System812-435-6168 Email
Simmons, MelissaDEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5244
Singer, BrianFire MarshalFire Department(812) 436-4423 Email
Skelton, CindyMeter Maintenance Supervisor Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2206 Email
Smith, ArdellPlanning & Development ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120x2249 Email
Smith, ElaineSenior Utility AccountantEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-5296 Email
Smith, KellyEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Snyder, TaraDEPUTY/SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5989
Spaetti, Charles A.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Spalding, DebraPurchasing DirectorController's Office(812) 436-4961 Email
Spear, EllenPayroll AssistantAdministrative Services(812) 436-4938 Email
Spear, Jr., M.D., R. KennethHEALTH OFFICERHealth Department(812) 435-2459
Stanley, BonitaPAYROLLBurdette Park(812) 435-5602
Steckler, JerryFire Education Officer / Merit LiaisonFire Department(812) 436-4457 Email
Steele, Rodney Coordinator of GIS & Drafting Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2215 Email
Steele, KelliWIC Administrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5701
Stenftenagel, AshtenDeputy City ClerkCity Clerk's Office(812) 436-4993
Stevens, KathrynEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Stoflleth, SylFacilities ManagerFire Department(812) 436-4422 Email
Stokes, AudraEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Stoll, JohnCOUNTY ENGINEERCounty Engineer's Office(812) 435-5773
Stonestreet, Mary EllenWIC CoordinatorHealth Department(812) 435-5658
Straus, J. AugustMAGISTRATESuperior Court(812) 435-5469
Strickland, LindaBANKRUPTCY/SHERIFF SALETreasurer's Office(812) 435-5096 Email
Stucki, MarySECRETARYPublic Defender's Agency(812)435-5900
Sullivan-Thomas, JessicaDEPUTY/MARRIAGE CLERKCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5161
Swatzell, JessicaAdministration AssistantDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7825 Email
Taggart, PauletteASST. CHIEF DEPUTY/SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5372
Tamez, CathleenExecutive SecretaryFire Department(812) 436-4413 Email
TAYLOR, ERIKACOMMISSIONERHuman Relations Commission 
Taylor, Susan DEPUTY/JUVENILECounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5146
Teeters, JoyeExecutive AssistantCIO, Computer Services(812) 435-5233 Email
Temple, TonyaReceptionist / SecretaryCircuit Court812-435-1490
Terry, StephanieMemberCounty Council's Office(812)435-5791
Thomas, DottieCHIEF DEPUTYTreasurer's Office(812) 435-5257 Email
Thomas, JoshuaDeputy CoronerCounty Coroner's Office(812) 435-5730
Thompson, KimberlyNURSEHealth Department(812) 435-5015
Tornatta, Robert J. JudgeSuperior Court(812) 435-5202
Townsend, LorettaDIRECTORWeights and Measures(812) 435-5745
Trice, CarrieReal Estate ClerkAuditor's Office812-435-5028 Email
Trockman, Wayne S. JudgeSuperior Court(812) 435-5407
Tuley, ZRECORDERRecorder's Office(812) 435-5215 Email
Uhrin, MarkChief Information OfficerCIO(812) 436-7859 Email
Ullmer, Dr. CarrieVeterinarianMesker Park Zoo812.435.0825
Ungethiem, BruceCOMMISSIONER - DISTRICT 2Commissioners' Office812-435-5241 Email
VacantReal Estate Transfer ClerkAuditor's Office(812) 435-5368
VacantReal Estate ClerkAuditor's Office812-435-5369
Vaught, AndreaDEPUTY/SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5371
Vaught, CindyChief DeputyCounty Assessor(812) 435-5420 Email
Vickers, Curtis Food & Beverage Manager SMGThe Centre(812)435-5770 x307
Virgin, AnneAccounts Receivable BookkeeperAuditor's Office(812) 435-5439 Email
Voegel, Captain GarySWILEA CommanderPolice Department(812) 436-7940
Voegel, DaveOperations CuratorMesker Park Zoo812.435.0819
Voges, Jamie PProbation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-1490
Wade, Janice AProbation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-1490
Wall, MissyCustomer Service RepresentativeEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7846 Email
Walters, DonnaAdministrative AideHealth Department(812) 435-5681
Ward, ColinENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST Health Department(812) 435-5615
Ware, MignonProbation Officer - SupervisorCircuit Court812-435-5461
Wargel, Lieutenant Wayne Police Department(812)436-7906
Wassmer, MikeGolf Pro at McDonalds GC & Wesselman's Par 3Department of Parks and Recreation(812) 475-2578 Email
Wathen, MikeEROSION CONTROL EXPERTCounty Engineer's Office(812) 435-5773
Watson, JanetAccounts Payable BookkeeperAuditor's Office(812) 435-5952 Email
Watson, AngelaDirector of Pre-Trial DivisionProsecutor's Office 
Weber, JenniferBookkeeper Health Department(812) 435-5697
Weber, MargaretEnforcement AgentProsecutor's Office 
Webster, AlisaSuperintendent Animal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Wedding, Dave SheriffSheriff's Office812-421-6203
Weiberg, Krista H.COURT ADMINISTRATORSuperior Court(812) 435-5433
Weigand, JoelZONING INVESTIGATORArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5226
Weightman, MaryannASST. CHIEF DEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5563
Weil, Brent R.Deputy Prosecuting AttorneyProsecutor's Office 
Weil, P.E. , Chris Assistant EngineerDepartment of Engineering(812) 436-4977 Email
Weimer, BrandeeRESERVATIONSBurdette Park(812) 435-5602
Weimer, KimENTRY DEPUTYRecorder's Office(812) 435-5954 Email
Weis, KelleyMarketing DirectorMesker Park Zoo812.435.0815
Wells, Joy Purchasing Coordinator - AdministrationEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 436-7852 Email
Wells, FaithSurplus/Excess Clerk (812)435-5252 Email
Welte, Kimberly Recorder's Office812-435-5937 Email
Werner, Jr., MarkEVENT MANAGERThe Centre(812)435-5770 ext 308
West, EmarieSECRETARY/RECEPTIONISTDrug & Alcohol Deferral Services(812) 435-5775
Whalen-Burghard, DawnFinance OfficerMesker Park Zoo812.435.0805
Whitaker, SheilaSecretary, Parks AdministrationDepartment of Parks and Recreation812-435-6141 Email
White, JoEllenCustomer Service RepresentativeEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-7846 Email
White, RoseReal Estate Transfer ClerkAuditor's Office(812) 435-5029 Email
Whitehouse, RickInstructorFire Department(812) 436-4460 Email
Whitledge, JamesDEPUTY/SMALL CLAIMSCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5719
Wichser, ScotSuperintendentCounty Highway Department(812) 435-5777
Wildeman, NickRoad ForemanCounty Highway Department(812) 435-5777
Will, LenConstruction Development ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812) 421-2120/2232 Email
Will, TysonProbation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-5461
Wilson, LindaFIRST DEPUTY/BOOKKEEPERRecorder's Office(812) 435-5215 Email
Wilson, Shelly Office ManagerCity Clerk's Office(812) 436-4994
Wilson, ElizabethDEPUTY/CIRCUIT-SUPERIORCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5168
Wilson, RickSuperintendent of OperationsMetropolitan Evansville Transportation System812-435-6167 Email
Wilson, ShannonDEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812)435-5488
Windhorst, Laura Evansville City ClerkCity Clerk's Office(812) 436-4992
Winfield, StephenCMOM ManagerEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)421-2120x2248 Email
Winnecke, LloydMAYORAdministrative User Department812-436-4962
Winterheimer, KimberlyAccounts Payable ClerkController's Office(812) 436-4915 Email
Wiser, Captain TonyaDirector of Professional StandardsPolice Department(812)436-6195
Wittmer, DavidLab TechnologistHealth Department(812) 435-5568
Wolf, Donna Financial Operations/AnalystEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities(812)436-7025 Email
Wood, CherieChief Probation OfficerCircuit Court812-435-1490
Woodard, AprilClerkAnimal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Woodward, TerriClaims BookkeeperAuditor's Office(812) 435-5298 Email
Wright, JeanDEPUTYVoter's Registration(812) 435-5213
Wube, LisaProgram Service DirectorDepartment of Parks and Recreation(812) 435-6141 Email
Yarde, KellyAnimal Control OfficerAnimal Control(812) 435-6015 Email
Yokel, KarenSENIOR SECRETARYArea Planning Commission(812) 435-5226
York, JanetNURSEHealth Department(812) 435-5613
Young, JaneFinance SpecialistDepartment of Metropolitan Development812-436-7813 Email
Young, Susan DEPUTY/MISDEMEANOR-TRAFFICCounty Clerk's Office(812) 435-5721
Zacarias, RicardoEnvironmental Health SpecialistHealth Department(812) 435-5082
Ziemer, EdDeputy Director of Utilities - OperationsEvansville Water and Sewer Utilities812-436-4512 Email
Zoch , Becky Assistant Superintendent of CemeteriesCity Cemeteries(812)-435-6045 Email
Zuber, KennyChief of Planning & Special TeamsFire Department(812) 436-4414 Email