• Not less than 11 and not more than 17 members.  11 are permanent positions and the six remaining are non-permanent. 
  • Serve a two year term
  • The permanent positions shall be filled by: The Mayor (or his proxy), President of the County Commission (or proxy), Chief of Police (or proxy), Sheriff (or proxy), Vanderburgh County Prosecutor (or proxy), Chief Judge-Vanderburgh Superior Court (or proxy), Judge-Vanderburgh Circuit Court (or proxy), Director of YWCA Shelter for Domestic Violence, Executive Director of the Albion Fellows Bacon Center, Chairperson of the Sexual Assault Task Force, and the Director of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program.
  • The remaining 6 non-permanent positions shall be chosen from the community at large.  The Mayor shall have 3 of these appointments and the County Commissioners shall have 3 of these appointments.   
  • Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at noon in room 318 of the Civic Center

The purpose of the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence is to substantially decrease the occurence of domestic and sexual violence in the community by:

  1. Promoting and strengthening community and government efforts to provide a collaborative approach in building capacity to meet the needs of victims of existing or threatened domestic and sexual violence and encourage those targeted to access and make use of all available help and to provide perpetrators the motivation, skills and opportunity necessary to abandon domestic and sexually violent behavior
  2. Encouraging the development of educational efforts within the general public, agencies, and organizations dealing with domestic and sexual violence by recognizing that education is effective in intervention and the prevention of domestic and sexual violence
  3. Developing new programs and approaches to reduce domestic and sexual violence as community and societal needs change.
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