Odor of Smoke April 2013
April 9, 2013

You may have noticed the odor of smoke the last couple of days.  There have been numerous planned
and unplanned, legal and illegal fires in Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick and Henderson Counties the last couple of days. 

Farmers are burning off crop residue and getting rid of driftwood and in areas where burning is less strictly regulated, there have been numerous fires.  Unfortunately, the Evansville EPA can’t take any actions unless the fires are within our jurisdiction (City of Evansville and 4 miles beyond City limits, but not outside of Vanderburgh County).

If you suspect or know that the fire is within Evansville EPA’s jurisdiction and are concerned for your health or public safety, please call 9-1-1.  Ask the Central Dispatch operator to send Evansville EPA a copy of any reports and also call us and leave a message.

If smoke becomes thick or affects your breathing, go inside and limit your exertion until it passes.  Call your medical provider if you think you should.  

Swonder Ice Arena & C.K Newsome Center

 Now Equipped with Solar PV   (Publish date: 2/2/12) 

 The Evansville Department of Sustainability, Energy & Environmental Quality (SEEQ) has completed the first municipal renewable energy project in Evansville, installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roofs of the Swonder Ice Arena (16.8kW) and C.K Newsome Community Center (8.4kW).  The Swonder solar panels are the largest array in the city and provide approximately 21,312 kWh annually, while the C.K. Newsome Community Center’s panels will generate an estimated 10,650 kWh annually.

The solar PV panels were purchased with Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funds from the U.S. Department of Energy.


Through these improvements, the Department of Parks and Recreation’s carbon footprint will be reduced by 364.2 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per year.


According to information provided by the U.S. EPA, this is comparable to removing 71 passenger vehicles or heating 45 homes for a year.

Similarly, it would take 9,340 tree seedlings grown for 10 years or 77.7 acres of pine or fir forests to sequester the CO2e reduced by this project.



EV Charging Station Ready for Use at No Cost

(Publish date: 11/1/11)


The City of Evansville’s first municipal electric vehicle charging station is ready for use in the Sycamore Street Parking Garage, located at 500 Sycamore St. in Downtown Evansville. The charging station was purchased with Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funds from the U.S. Department of Energy.


Energy Systems Group, LLC, of Newburgh, Ind., donated two additional electric vehicle charging stations which were installed at the Locust Street Parking Garage, 416 Locust St., and the Third Street Parking Garage, 315 Locust St. The charging stations are part of a larger energy efficiency project to install efficient lighting in the three public parking garages which are owned by the City and operated by the City of Evansville-Vanderburgh County Building Authority.


Initially, the electricity needed to recharge an electric vehicle at one of these charging stations will be offered at no cost to the vehicle owner. Standard parking garage fees will apply.


Energy Savings Performance Contracts to

Reduce Carbon Footprint

 (Publish date: 9/1/11)

The Department of Sustainability, Energy & Environmental Quality (SEEQ) has finalized three Energy Savings Performance Contracts with Energy Systems Group (ESG) for energy conservation projects at the three City parking garages, Fire Department facilities, the Animal Shelter and Street Department garage.   Collectively, these contracts will reduce energy and operations costs by $80,087 in energy and operating costs per year and reduce the City’s carbon footprint by 603 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalents per year.  This amount is equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 61,326 gallons of gas or the carbon sequestered from 14,026trees planted. 



City parking garages improvements include:

Installation of energy efficient lighting and one Electric Vehicle charging station for each of the three garages —the Third Street Garage, Locust Street Garage and Sycamore Street Garage.


EFD facilities improvements include:

Installation of energy efficient lighting and appliances, insulation, window repairs/replacements, door repairs/replacements, HVAC and control upgrades, apparatus bay heater installations, and ceiling fans.


Street Maintenance facility improvements include:

Installation of energy efficient lighting; replacement of the cooling system and air handlers. 


A new natural gas furnace will also be installed at the Animal Shelter.        






Public Recycling and Waste Collection Program

Advancing  (Publish date: 6/24/11)

Department of Sustainability, Energy & Environmental Quality (SEEQ) is advancing plans to implement a free public recycling and waste collection program throughout the City.

The recycling and waste collection stations will be installed at public locations owned and/or managed by the City of Evansville and the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Building Authority (EVCBA). (Additional locations will be determined shortly.)

Under this project, contractors will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the collection stations, emptying the contents, and properly disposing of recyclables and waste. The vendor will sell sponsorships and/or advertising on the collection stations, generating revenue to enable the program to be offered at no cost to the City, EVCBA or residents; and possibly generating revenue for the City.

“My job is to help the City be green and save money” said Dona Bergman, Director of SEEQ. “This project has the potential to do both by making recycling more accessible to the public without placing the financial burden on the City and residents. The selected contractor will be required to provide quarterly reporting on the amounts of recyclables and trash collected, as well as advertising revenues earned, so it won’t take long for us to determine the success of this program.”

The specific designs, colors and locations for the collection stations will be determined in consultation with and based on approval from the various boards, after a contractor is selected.

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 Energy Audits Kicked Off @EFD (Publish date: 1/31/11)

  The City of Evansville has been allocated $1,206,000 by the U.S. Department of Energy in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)—funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. EECBG program intends to assist U.S. cities, counties, states, territories, and Indian tribes to facilitate energy efficiency and conservation projects.


   The City utilizes the EECBG funds for improving energy efficiency in the City to reduce both energy costs and carbon footprint. The Department of Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Quality (SEEQ) takes charge of administering the funds.


    In December, 2010, Evansville-based Energy Systems Group (ESG) was selected to complete comprehensive energy audits of City facilities in order to identify key energy efficiency and infrastructure improvements. Energy audits were conducted at the Evansville Fire Department (EFD) during January 10-13. To determine the energy efficiency of a structure, lighting, fan, pump, heating/cooling systems as well as appliances, insulations, windows were investigated for the 13 Fire Houses, EFD maintenance shop, and EFD administration building. The City will begin energy conservation retrofit based on the recommendations of the audit reports.
























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