• This page contains an up-to-date list of Active and Lifted precautionary boil advisories. For customers in a small affected area (less than 40 affected customers), EWSU places a door hanger notice on customer doors notifying them of the Precautionary Boil Advisory. For larger areas, the Utility will not place individual door hanger notices on each customer’s door, but will instead notify the local media outlets, consisting of television, radio and newspaper.

While the potential for contamination of the drinking water is unlikely, the Evansville Water Utility is advising customers in the affected area to bring all cooking and drinking water to a complete boil for five (5) minutes before using. Please continue to boil all cooking and drinking water until we notify you that it is no longer necessary.

The Evansville Water Utility is implementing this precautionary boil advisory based upon information within the Water Supply Industry regarding additional precautionary steps that may safeguard the health of public water supply system customers. The conditions regarding this issue and the magnitude of the affected area warrant these additional precautionary measures. We will notify you when the precautionary boil advisory will be lifted.

Further information regarding this issue may be obtained by calling the Water Department / Allens Lane at (812) 421-2130. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


 Active Precautionary Boil Advisories 

Issued:    August 21, 2014

                Crown Ridge Subdivision includes Crown Riadge Court, Baywood Court, Basil Drive,

                Erinwood Court and Rathborne Drive.


Issued:    August 21, 2014

                South Kentucky Avenue from Lloyd Exprwy south to Sycamore Street.


 Issued:    August 21, 2014    

                Eastwood Avenue between Cass Avenue and Covert Avenue.


 Issued:     August 20, 2014     This is a reissue of the original B.A. that was lifted earlier today due to

                                                   additional upgrade repair work.

                 South KY Avenue from Monroe Ave north to East Powell & includes Jefferson Avenue from

                 KY east to dead end & includes Powell from KY Avenue east to dead end.


Issued:    August 20, 2014

                Canal Street (on west side of US 41) from East Franklin Street southwest to North KY Avenue.


Issued:    August 15, 2014

                9400 Green River Road only


Recently Lifted Precautionary Boil Advisories

Lifted:    August 21, 2014

                1300 East Oregon Street east to 1422 East Orgon Street.


Lifted:    August 20, 2014

                Lohoff Avenue from 3rd Avenue east to 1st Avenue.


Lifted:      August 20, 2014

                  South Kentucky Avenue from Monroe Ave. north to East Powell & includes

                  Jefferson Avenue from Ky. east to dead-end & includes

                  Powell from Ky Avenue east to dead-end.


Lifted:    August 18, 2014

                West Division Street from Oakley Street to Harriet Street    

                Harriet Street from Division Street to Franklin Street.


Lifted:    August 18, 2014

                Washington Ave. from Bedford Ave. east  to South Kentucky Ave.            


Lifted:    August 17, 2014

                From 4716 Windham Drive west to 4540 Windham.


Lifted:    August 17, 2014

                South Rotherwood Avenue from Lincoln Avenue to Bellemeade Avenue

                East Mulberry Street from Rotherwood Avenue to 1721 East Mulberry.


Lifted:    August 16, 2014

                East Delaware St. from North Lafayette Avenue west to 205 East Delaware.


Lifted:    August 15, 2014

                5939 Old Boonville Hwy. east to Mjm Industrial Drive.

                2414 Mjm Industrial Drive north to Old Boonville Hwy.

                Colonial Gardens Road from Old Boonville Hwy. north to the dead-end.

                Also included is all of Bennett Pointe Condos.


Lifted:    August 15, 2014

                Wynnfield Subdivision - Wynnfield Dr. Ashworth Dr. Hartwell Dr. Tacoma Dr. Preston Dr. Hedgewood Ct.

                Windham Dr. from Green River Road east to Wynnfield Dr.


Lifted:     August 15, 2014

                 Capehart Street from Greenriver Road west to the dead-end.

                  Hartsaw St. from Capehart south to the dead-end on Hartsaw Ct.

                  Pennrod Ct. from Hartsaw St. west to dead-end.                                        


Lifted:        August 9, 2014

                    Heckel Road from Oak Hill to 3438 Heckel.




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