Zoning Code: Platting and replatting City   County

Lot Line Adjustment filing procedures

The Zoning Code allows for changes to a lot line where the adjoining lots are platted, have a common lot line and common zoning. Persons desiring to adjust a line on their property to add to their lot or convey part of their lot to a neighbor should first contact the APC staff to discuss the line adjustment. In all districts adjoining platted lots, those lots having a common lot line and common zoning may adjust their common lot lines without replatting; provided, that the newly created sites meet all requirements of the zoning code for the district and create no additional lot(s). After discussing the line adjustment with the APC staff, a copy of the recorded deed describing the new lots must be filed with the Plan Commission before the adjustment is considered to be approved.

Last updated: 5/8/2014 8:13:06 AM