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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Evansville EPA leads the region in collaborative action to improve air quality and build climate resilience.

Guided by the Evansville Climate Action Plan (2020), the Agency facilitates innovative partnerships and projects aimed at reducing air emissions and improving community readiness for climate impacts to ensure a healthy, vibrant future.

The EEPA advisory board works creatively and collaboratively with the Director to further the mission and functions of the Agency. 

EEPA jurisdiction includes the City of Evansville and 4 miles outside of the city limits, but still within Vanderburgh County. 

The functions of the Agency:

(1) Develop and implement comprehensive regulations, plans, and programs that will reduce air emissions and improve air quality.

(2) Provide services to assure air pollutant sources achieve compliance with air quality standards and regulations through surveillance, inspection, permits, enforcement, and technical assistance.

(3) In partnership with state and federal agencies, provide a local resource and response for environmental complaints and violations so to protect public health, welfare, and safety.

(4) Develop and implement comprehensive plans and programs, such as the Evansville Climate Action Plan, to improve the sustainability of resources and the resilience of the community to climate impacts.

(5) Facilitate communication and coordination between agencies, departments, organizations, boards, businesses, and communities working on climate and sustainability issues and solutions.

(6) Conduct education and outreach to increase public awareness of and engagement in regional sustainability programs and opportunities.

(7) Assure a coordinated region-wide effort in achieving comprehensive and inclusive sustainability programs, policies, and practices.